Terms and conditions


These Terms and conditions govern the use that makes the USER of any application or service whose control or property correspond to SOCCER KINGDOM. These usage terms are composed of the terms and conditions specified below, along with what is established in the treatment policy of Personal Data.

1. Description of the parts

SOCCER KINGDOM responsible for the application for mobile devices.
Address: Carrera 33 # 49 – 35 Centro Comercial Cabecera Segunda Etapa – Oficina 208, Bucaramanga
Phones: 3212050033 – 3204758635
Contact email: info@soccerk.co
Website: www.soccerk.co

G&J CORPORATION S.A.S Developer Company that performs the technical support of the Soccer Kingdom application.
Address: Carrera 18 # 36-50 oficina 504, Bucaramanga
Phone: 6702397
Contact email: Info@gjcorporation.com
Web page: www.gjcorporation.com

USER. Any individual who makes use of the Soccer Kingdom application.

2. Agreement

This document is an agreement between Soccer Kigdom (mobile application, blog, website) and the user of the service it offers. By downloading, installing, logging, using, obtaining or sending information from and to this mobile app, it will be considered that the USER has read and accepted the terms and conditions of use as well as personal data treatment policy. If the user disagrees with any of these terms, he will not be able to use the service.

3. Object

SOCCER KINGDOM through its mobile application offers men and women who practice and play soccer, to create a USER and profile, in which they can establish or join a team, organize and play matches with different teams of the city in which they are located. Each USER can create a virtual avatar, which can be customized with accessories and items bought with virtual currency from the application itself. The avatar can level up as the USER plays more soccer matches. In collective terms, teams can level up as the USERS play more soccer matches. In any case, to level up, it is necessary to obtain experience points which are earned in every match. On the other hand, SOCCER KINGDOM offers its USERS an information section about matches that will be played in the major leagues of professional soccer. Likewise, it will send commercial advertisement communications through the app, e-mail, social networks or any other electronic or physical method, present or future, that enables performing commercial communications. Such commercial communications will be related to products or services offered by SOCCER KINGDOM as well as by collaborators, partners and strategic allies that would have reached a commercial promotion agreement among its clients; in the same way will send newsletters on the application, website, blog, discounts information, gifts, sports activities as well as updates and news from the app.

4 Territory

The SOCCER KINGDOM mobile application is a service that will be provided throughout the Colombian territory.
5 Use conditions

By downloading, installing, logging, using, obtaining or sending information from and to this mobile app, it will be considered that THE USER has read and accepted the terms and conditions of use as well as personal data treatment policy. If the user disagrees with any of these terms, he will not be able to use the service.

The USER will not be able or allow third parties on his behalf to make and distribute copies of the application, try to copy, reproduce, alter, modify, transfer, exchange or translate the application or create derivative works from the application of any kind on its behalf.

This application is currently available for free for personal and non-commercial use. SOCCER KINGDOM reserves the right to modify or withdraw the application. It may also turn into a paid application and/or charge the products and services offered, in accordance with these terms, at any time and for any reason.
The USER must immediately suspend the use of this mobile application if he does not agree or does not accept all terms and conditions. SOCCER KINGDOM reserves the right to remove or disable any USER using this mobile application unilaterally.

6. Content Submission

In the event that the USER sends digital pictures or other content, including all photographs, illustrations, graphics and text (collectively, “Materials”) to SOCCER KINGDOM through the Mobile Application, the following terms will have validity:

The USER can only send to SOCCER KINGDOM, through the Mobile App, materials of which he possesses all of the intellectual property rights. In other words, if the user sends a digital image to SOCCER KINGDOM, the USER must have all rights of this image, otherwise the USER must have the authorization of the person who owns such rights. Minors must have prior authorization of a responsible adult to send material to SOCCER KINGDOM through the Mobile Application.

The USER grants SOCCER KINGDOM worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free rights and licenses in perpetuity to (a) reproduce, distribute, transmit, represent and publicly display the materials, whole or partially, in any way and in any format to transmit information, that may currently exist or that may be created in the future (“Media”), (b) modify, edit, translate and create derivative works from the materials, in whole or partially, in any way and in any format, and (c) granting sub-licenses by the aforesaid rights, total or partially, to third parties with or without concession fees.

Hereby the USER grants to SOCCER KINGDOM and its sub-licensees a non-exclusive license, global and royalty-free to use all trademarks, trade names and the names and images of all individuals appearing on the materials. The USER grants SOCCER KINGDOM and its sub-licensees the right to use the name that the USER submits in connection with the materials.

7. Third party

The USERS´ wireless phone service providers, manufacturers and vendors of the mobile devices in which the USER downloads, installs, uses or access the mobile application, the operating system’s developer of the USERS´ mobile devices, and the operator of any applications store or similar service through which the USER gets the mobile application, if any, (altogether, the “third parties”) are not part of these terms and conditions and are not owners or responsible for the mobile application. Third parties do not provide any warranty in relation to the mobile application. They are not responsible for maintenance or other technical services of the mobile application and shall not be held accountable to any other claims, losses, imputation of liabilities, damages, costs or expenses associated with the Mobile Application. The company responsible for the activity of support and resolution of technical problems, related to the operation of the mobile app is G & J CORPORATION S.A.S, which is linked directly with SOCCER KINGDOM providing the service for development, technical support and management of the platform.

This mobile application was created for the most recent version available in the market of the USERS´ mobile devices operating systems and as such, compatibility problems may arise when using previous versions. Wireless network coverage and Wi-Fi network speed may vary depending on the provider and geographic location. SOCCER KINGDOM is not responsible for any limitations and/or failures in the operation of any wireless service or Wi-FI network that is used to access this mobile app, or for the security of any Wi-Fi or wireless services. Also, SOCCER KINGDOM is not responsible for any charges or fees of data networks which are of exclusive responsibility of the USER.
USERS acknowledge and agree that third parties and their subsidiary companies are third-party beneficiaries of these terms and conditions and that they have the right (it will be assumed that they have accepted such right) to exercise these terms and conditions before the USERS as third-party beneficiaries.

8. Updates of the Mobile Application

SOCCER KINGDOM may request the USER to update his version of the Mobile application at any time. Although every effort will be made to preserve the personal settings and preferences of the USER, data loss is possible.

9. User Accounts

SOCCER KINGDOM may, unilaterally provide the USER with access to restricted portions of this application. The USER who enters to these locations may be subject to additional terms and conditions as specified in relation to the services provided.
The USER with service accounts is solely responsible to preserve the confidentiality of any access information, the USER´s account information and all actions or omissions associated with that account.

10. Privacy

Our privacy policy in relation to any information obtained by SOCCER KINGDOM through this mobile application can be found in the privacy policy section of the SOCCER KINGDOM Web site. Some additional privacy rules may apply as stated in the functions of this mobile application restricted to specific USER services.
The use of this Mobile application implies the electronic transmission of information through the wireless service provider networks. Considering that SOCCER KINGDOM does not operate nor control the wireless networks used to access the Mobile App, is not responsible for the privacy or security of the wireless data transmissions. The USER must use accredited service providers and verify along with the wireless service provider, the information related on their practices on the privacy and security subject.

11. Guarantees exclusion

SOCCER KINGDOM does not make any declaration as for the functionality and use of the content of this mobile application. The use and navigation that the USER does with this mobile application is at the sole risk of the user. All the information contained in this mobile application is provided “as it is” and “as it is available”, without assertions or guarantees, either expressed or implied.
This mobile application may stop working, be interrupted or operate unduly occasionally. SOCCER KINGDOM has no responsibility for such cessation of operation, interruption or improper operation. The USER is warned that the information contained here may contain technical errors, inaccuracies, programming errors, unknown viruses and omissions. The USER assumes all risks associated with the use of this mobile application, and accepts that SOCCER KINGDOM disclaims all warranties related to the use of the mobile application by the user.
Without prejudice to any other clause of these terms and conditions, SOCCER KINGDOM rejects any representation or warranty, either express or implied, of any reference to this mobile application (including our products, services and site content) including, among others, the marketability warranties and aptitude for a particular purpose, of peaceful enjoyment , title, non-infringement of third party rights and precision. No information, oral or writing advice given by us or our authorized representatives will create a warranty or increase in any form the scope of our obligations which are established in these terms and conditions.

12. Exoneration

The user will release of any responsibility and exonerate SOCCER KINGDOM from any claim, demand, civil liability, legal cause, complaint or damages (including lawyers’ fees and expenses) that might arise as a result of the management the USER makes of the Mobile Application (including products, services and content), including, among others, information, content or incorrect delivery of the Mobile Application, or of the products and services of SOCCER KINGDOM or of third parties. SOCCER KINGDOM reserves the right, at its own expense, to assume defense and exclusive control of any matter subject to indemnification by the USER, but doing so does not exempt the USER of his indemnification obligations.

13. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions turns out to be invalid, voided or unenforceable, the remaining clauses shall retain anyway their full validity and the invalid, voided or unenforceable clause shall be considered as modified in such a way as to be valid and enforceable to its fullest extent permitted by law.
These general conditions are ruled by Colombian law and applies to the website, blog and mobile application for SOCCER KINGDOM and the ‘user’, with express resignation of any other jurisdiction, submits to the competent courts and tribunals of Bucaramanga city.

14. Available location features

Certain localization features available in the mobile app are provided by third parties. USER management of this features are subject to the terms and conditions of the third parties (and their occasional updates). The USER must use his own judgment about the adequacy and suitability of the information. All location information is provided entirely on the conditions in which it is, without warranties of any kind.

15. Validity

The present Terms and Conditions of use apply as of February 10 2016.


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